Welcome to Makaria Farm

Makaria Farm’s estate sale continues … Currently available for sale:

From 2008-2015, Makaria Farm fed food-loving folks in Victoria, the Cowichan and Nanaimo.

brock-isaac-tractorIn late 2014, farmer Brock was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In June of 2015 we learned that the cancer is extremely aggressive: he has stage 4 renal cell carcinoma. This is a terminal form of cancer. There is no known cure and no realistic hope of remission. Reluctantly, Brock and I (Heather) realized that farming was no longer possible for our family.

heather-in-fieldWe sold our 10 acres of A1-ALR farm land in Cowichan Station, and have been selling off our farm’s assets.


Brock & Isaac’s first time at Niagara Falls

Our life these days is all about our family, friends, and Brock’s bucket list. We roadtripped across Canada — all the way to Newfoundland! — in June and July of 2016, visiting family and long-distance friends. We went to Tofino in 2015 (an incredibly generous gift from our friends at the Community Farm Store), and continue to spend as much time as we can on Chesterman Beach, which is Brock’s favourite place to be.

We are so grateful to the many, many people who have supported our family. From gifts of meals to help with farm chores to financial support to cards and emails and Facebook messages, we have felt loved from the beginning. Thank you for helping us focus on our family and create a stress-free life while we revel in this time together.

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