Tomato Plant Sale

Sunday, May 18, 2014, 10am-1pm

Choose your 2014 tomato varieties from a wide selection of garden-ready, organic tomato plants at Makaria Farm’s 6th Annual Organic Tomato Plant Sale on Sunday, May 18, 2014, from 10am to 1pm (or whenever the plants are gone!).

A wide variety of organically-grown vegetable seedlings and some flower seedlings will also be available.

Plant in a 4-inch pot: $3.50 each, or $10 for three plants
Soil-block plant starts: $0.75/block or $4 for six blocks

What the Symbols Mean
*Grown from certified organic seed.
(OP) Open pollinated (you can save the seeds).
(F1) Hybrid (the plants may be more consistent & disease/pest resistant, but if you save the seeds they probably won’t breed true).
Tomato images & seed sources: West Coast Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, William Dam Seeds, Salt Spring Seeds, Full Circle Seeds.

Our 2013 Tomato Plant Menu ** 2014 UPDATES COMING SOON! **

Our Favourite Regular-Sized Tomatoes

Pink Beauty (F1)pink-beauty
Vine. Medium-sized (6-8 oz) pink & perfect tomatoes with rich flavour. Abundant and impressive at Makaria Farm.
Black Krim* (OPblack-krim Vine. Dark red-purple, medium-sized tomatoes, sometimes with green shoulders. May look muddy inside. The ugliest and most delicious tomato we’ve found yet: Makaria Farm’s #1 favourite for flavour so far.

Other Tasty, Regular-Sized Tomatoes

Moskvich* (OP) HEIRLOOM. Vine. Exceptionally cold tolerant. Fruits are early and deep red, with rich taste. 4-6 oz tomatoes.
Big Beef (F1)
Vine. Perfect beefsteak tomatoes. Extra large, smooth, weighing up to 1 pound. Large, vigorous, disease-resistant plants. Early & high yields. A favourite of veteran tomato growers at Maple Groove Farm and Alderlea Farm in Duncan, B.C.
New Girl (F1)
Vine. Said to be the earliest tomato … although we’re growing some strong contenders this year! Better tasting and more disease resistant than Early Girl.
Brandywine* (OP)
HEIRLOOM. Vine. One of the original beefsteak tomatoes. Large, wrinkled tomatoes are deep pink, thin skinned and juicy with a sweet, spicy flavour.

Cherry / Plum / Grape Tomatoes

Sweet Baby Girl (F1)

Compact vine. Plants are tolerant to many diseases and produce an impressive yield of 1″ red cherry tomatoes.
Sun Gold (F1)
Vine. Intense fruity flavour. Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes. Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear through the season. Tendency to split but the taste is worth it. Makaria Farm’s favourite cherry tomato.
Five Star Grape (F1)
Vine. High yields of crack-resistant grape tomatoes with exceptional flavour and a firm texture.

Paste Tomatoes

Viva Italia (F1)
Bush. Early, disease-tolerant variety. Tomatoes are sweet and firm with meaty flesh and few seeds.
Paisano (F1)
Bush variety of the much-beloved San Marzano. Good flavour and meaty flesh: great for sauce or canning, as well as fresh eating.

Storage / Keeper Tomatoes

Longkeeper (OP)
Vine. Picked when green or partially ripe at the end of the season, these tomatoes will keep for 6-12 weeks if kept cool. Ripen at room temperature. Eat your own fried tomatoes for Christmas breakfast! (The first ripe fruits in summer can be eaten fresh.)

PLEASE NOTE: we grow a limited number of each variety. Availability is also subject to how well the seeds germinate, and how well the plants grow.

Hope to see you at Makaria Farm on Sunday, May 18, 10am-1pm!