Food Security Club

** We will offer our Food Security Club again in 2015: we’re just finalizing the details. We’ll update this page asap. Thank you for your interest! **

Makaria Farm's organic bulk vegetables ready for pick up

Register today for the 3rd year of Makaria Farm’s Food Security Club, and you’ll be savouring organic, locally grown produce all winter!

The Food Security Club is open to residents of Victoria, Nanaimo, the Gulf Islands, the Cowichan, and beyond.

As a member of the Food Security Club, you’ll receive bulk amounts of vegetables that are easy to store or preserve through the winter of 2014-15. (If you prefer to receive smaller amounts of vegetables over 8 weeks in November/December, our new winter CSA might be a better option for you. Click here for details.)

What is Makaria Farm’s Food Security Club?

Makaria Farm's organic bulk carrotsMembers register and pay a $100 deposit in the spring, which allows Makaria Farm to buy seeds and plant enough for everyone. Then, in the fall of 2014, members receive a one-time order of bulk quantities of crops that can be easily stored or preserved, such as carrots, beets and squash.

Selling these crops in bulk quantities allows us to offer wholesale prices, making it more affordable for you to eat local, organic food year-round. It’s a win-win for you and our farm.

What do I get with my membership?

Makaria Farm's organic bulk storage vegetablesYou can choose which crops your Food Security Club membership includes. Each crop is available in $30 shares. You can order any number of shares of each crop. In order to join, you must order at least 5 shares in total.

  • beets (1 share = 20lbs)
  • carrots (1 share = 15lbs)
  • kale (1 share = 10lbs)
  • cabbage (1 share = 30lbs)
  • leeks (1 share = 20 leeks)
  • winter squash (1 share = 30lbs)

*Note: availability of some crops may be limited due to weather/pests.

The following crops will probably not be available this year due to growing challenges at our new farm — we’ll try again in 2015:

  • potatoes (1 share = 20lbs)
  • onions (1 share = 20lbs)

(We’ve already allocated our supply of garlic for 2014. Sign up early next spring to reserve your share!)

How much does it cost to join the Food Security Club?

You must order a minimum of 5 shares at a cost of $30 each in order to join, for a total of $150. A deposit of $100 is due upon registration: you pay the balance when you receive your vegetables in the fall.

How do I get my shares?

Your vegetables will be ready in the fall of 2014. You have the option to pick up your vegetables at the farm on one of the pick-up days, or to have your vegetables delivered to your door for $15 per membership. We deliver to all communities on south Vancouver Island from Nanaimo to Victoria, as far west as Lake Cowichan and Sooke.

How long will stuff keep & how much room does it take up?

2012 members Kerry and Valerie pick up their carrots, squash and garlic from Brock.

Our garlic will stay beautiful until February, after which the quality gradually declines. Onions and potatoes will last into March/April when stored in a cool, dry place. Carrots and beets will keep until March/April when stored in the fridge or layered in moist peat moss or sand. Our different varieties of winter squash will keep from 2-6 months (or even longer). Kale, leeks and cabbage are more suited to drying, canning, freezing or processing into soups or sauerkraut. We provide recipes and storage tips to help you make good use of your shares.

Most crops don’t take up much room. Two shares of potatoes, beets or carrots would be like having four 10lb bags of potatoes in your house. Garlic takes up even less space. Winter squash is the bulkiest, but two shares fit in a large laundry basket and the colourful squash make great decorations on shelves around the house.

How do I sign up for the Food Security Club?

  1. Print and fill in the registration form, online here.
  2. Pay your $100 deposit in one of the following ways:

We will contact you to confirm that we’ve received your payment and that you are registered.

3. We’ll keep you posted on when your bulk vegetables will be ready for pick up in the fall. The rest of your payment is due when you receive your vegetables.

Ready to sign up? Please click here for the registration form.

p.s. Help us spread the word!

Makaria Farm's organic yellow storage onionsPlease help us get the word out about this 3rd year of our Food Security Club by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter, via email, and by telling your friends and family how amazing our vegetables are!

Also, you may also want to consider signing up for our weekly summer vegetable delivery CSA program – click here for details.

Thank you for your support. You keep us growing.