CSA Program

2013 Makaria Farm CSA poster

Sign up for the 7th year of Makaria Farm’s Vegetable Share (CSA) Program and eat fresh-picked, locally-grown vegetables all summer and fall! Click here to register now, or keep reading for details.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Brock builds a greenhouse in the winter of 2008Community Supported Agriculture is a win-win arrangement between farmers and customers. Customers pay in advance for a regular share of vegetables through the growing season. With this advance payment, our farm is able to invest in seeds and infrastructure (e.g. irrigation, greenhouses) when we need it, and you’re able to reserve a generous share of our super-fresh, top-quality, organic produce for 21 weeks (June to November 2014).

Why should I subscribe to a Vegetable Share (CSA) Program?

  • Farmer Brock washes fresh-picked carrotsConvenience. We deliver your weekly bag o’ veggies directly to your door (home or work) all summer. Or, you can choose to pick up your share at our farm. Our farm stand is loaded with extra vegetables to make your grocery shopping enjoyable & easy.
  • Learn to love food again. Our vegetables are incredibly tasty & super fresh. Discover new favourite vegetables (such as kohlrabi) and new recipes (e.g. kale chips).
  • Commit to healthy eating. It’s easy to eat well when your fridge is always stocked with fresh, organic produce.
  • Connect with our farm. Our newsletters keeps you up to date on our trials and triumphs at Makaria Farm: CSA keeps you connected with local agriculture, and your food.
  • Support local, organic farming. Our Vegetable Share Program is one of the best ways to support sustainable agriculture on Vancouver Island.

Ready to sign up? Please click here to register.

What do I get as a CSA shareholder?

DSCF7244From June to November 2014 (21 weeks) we will prepare a bag of freshly picked vegetables from our farm for you each week.

Weekly shares usually include 8 seasonal items. We use this table as a guide when filling the shares each week:

1-2 leafy greens 1-2 seasonal treats 1-2 root crops 1-2 flavourings 1-2 brassicas
baby lettuce mix,
chard, spinach, kale
strawberries, sugar snap peas*,
beans, zucchini, squash,
sweet corn*, cucumbers, tomatoes
carrots, beets, potatoes garlic, onions, leeks,
broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi*

*these crops will likely only be included a few times in 2014.

For example, here’s what a weekly Full Share ($20.24/week) can include at different times in the season:

  • July: 1 lettuce, 1 bunch kale, 1 pint strawberries, 1 head broccoli, 1 bunch beets, 1 bunch garlic scapes, 1 medium kohlrabi
  • August: 1 lettuce, 1 lb beans, 2 zucchini, 1-2 lbs tomatoes, 1 lb carrots, 2 lbs potatoes, 1 bulb garlic, 2 lbs cauliflower
  • October: 1 bag spinach, 1 lettuce, 3 lbs winter squash, 2 lbs tomatoes, 1.5 lb carrots, 1 bunch beets, 1-2 lbs onions, 3 lbs cabbage

Both share options usually include 8 items per week, but in larger/smaller quantities:

Full Share:

Suitable for 2 or more adults.

  • $425 if paid in one advance payment
  • $440 if paid in instalments (includes a non-refundable $15 administrative fee)

Smaller Share:

Suitable for one adult.

  • $330 if paid in one advance payment
  • $345 if paid in instalments (includes a non-refundable $15 administrative fee)

Ready to sign up? Please click here to register.

Delivery & Pick-up information

You can choose to pick up your weekly share of veggies at Makaria Farm (no charge) or have your share delivered to your door each week for an additional $63 (= $3/week). Details:

Delivery Option

We deliver to homes and workplaces in:

Cowichan-Recyclists-Makaria-logoDeliveries within the central Duncan / North Cowichan area will be made by bicycle for the 2nd year in a row, thanks to our partnership with the amazing Cowichan Recyclists!

If we’re delivering 3 or more members’ shares to a single address, we’ll refund those members’ delivery fees in full. Sign up today, then get your friends and co-workers on board and get free delivery!

Pick-up Option

Your share of vegetables will be available for pick up each week anytime after 1pm at Makaria Farm, just south of Duncan at 4715 Bench Road, only 300m off the Trans Canada Highway:

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What if I go away during the CSA season?

If you already know when you’ll be away, we can pro-rate the amount you pay now so that you don’t pay more than you should. Call or email us to explain the situation and we’ll figure out the pro-rated amount and a payment option together.

If you spontaneously decide to go away during the CSA season, just let us know as soon as you can and we’ll refund you for the missed veggies as long as we hear from you the day before we pick them. (Or, if you prefer to donate your missed share to the food bank, we’ll deliver it on your behalf.)

How to sign up for for our 2014 CSA

Ready to sign up? Please click here to register.

(If you have any questions before registering, please give us a call at 250-597-3276, or email us!)