Instalment Option

CSA members are welcome to pay for their subscription in four instalment payments. The first payment includes the delivery fee, if applicable.

Please note that we add a non-refundable $15 administrative fee to CSA shares paid for in instalments.

Instalment payments can be made online via credit card, or with post-dated cheques.

To register and make instalment payments online with a credit card:

1. To register and make your first payment via credit cardplease click here. (Note: you don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal.)

2. We will email you via Paypal on May 15, June 15 and July 15: these emails will include a link that allows you to make the remaining payments online with your credit card.

All done!

To pay via post-dated cheques:

To register and pay via cheques:

1. Please make four cheques payable to Brock McLeod.

2. Date one cheque with today’s date, and:

  • if you want a Full Share, make it out for $110 + your pick up/delivery preference (free pick-up; $63 delivery)
  • if you want a Smaller Share, make it out for $86.25 + your pick up/delivery preference (free pick-up; $63 delivery)

3. Date the remaining three cheques for: May 15, 2014; June 15, 2014; and July 15, 2014.

4. Make these three cheques out for the following amount:

  • Full Share$110
  • Smaller Share: $86.25

5. Mail/deliver your four cheques to 4715 Bench Road, Duncan, BC, V9L 6L7 (click here for directions and a map)

6. Complete your registration form, either electronically or by printing our CSA registration form, online here, and mailing/delivering the completed form to us.

We’ll email to confirm receipt of your form and payment.

Questions or comments?

Give us a call at 250-597-3276, or email us!

p.s. Please help us spread the word!

A 2011 Vegetable CSA bag from Makaria Farm.

Please help us get the word out about our 2014 Vegetable Share CSA Program on Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing this website to your friends, coworkers and family, etc. (We’ll refund your delivery fee and deliver for FREE if 3 or more members sign up for delivery to a single address.)

Thank you for your support!